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Sustainable British bridal wear, made to last.

Understated designs made to be restyled and worn again ensuring no dress gets left alone in the attic.

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We design and make each item by hand here in Devon using carefully selected fabrics of the highest quality. Traditionally made laces from Nottingham and Northern France combine with silks from our carefully selected UK suppliers.


We have expertly developed a range of gowns to include bespoke elements. This means the bride enjoys a fabulous combination of unique design and the highest quality fabrics. We can make each piece as bespoke as you would like your unique wedding day to be. For example we can change sleeves, we can alter lengths, and we can lower or raise necklines and backs. And because it's all about the details, you can choose from a variety of individual antique and vintage buttons to make your bridal outfit your very own. We love to make sure you, the bride, find the perfect gown, suited to your taste, easy and comfortable to wear.

Last, but not least, we design our gowns so they can be transformed. Minimal amendments deliver pieces that you can style into different outfits. After all, with something this beautiful, why not.

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